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Why assess your Personal Resiliency?

The modern workplace and life in general can be challenging to function within at times. At work individuals are often required to produce much more, at greater speed, which can lead to increasing feelings of stress and strain. To survive and optimally function in a high pressure environment, personal resilience becomes a crucial attribute. Assessing your personal resiliency will assist in your professional and personal development plans.

Remember, the use of the PRB is totally anonymous and confidential so if your organisation has purchased this for you, you can rest assured that no results are reported back to your organisation.

The Personal Resiliency Builder is part of the CommuniCorp Group suite of tools and workshops focused on wellbeing, workplace mental health and resilience. As one of Australia’s premier workplace psychological training and development companies, we build individual, team and organisational capability/performance by delivering practical training programs that recognise the psychosocial and commercial implications of psychological wellbeing in the workplace. Click here for further information.