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How was the PRB developed?

The PRB was designed by two Canadian psychologists and academics, Merv Gilbert, PhD and Bob Acton, PhD after years of providing solutions to organisations to foster healthy employees and workplace climates.

Merv Gilbert, PhD

Dr. Gilbert has worked as a leader and psychologist for over twenty years. He has worked in private and public settings holding both a clinical and senior management positions. He has served in professional and organisational leadership roles at regional, provincial and international levels. He is active in teaching and research and has consulted, published and lectured extensively, particularly in the area of workplace mental health. He holds academic appointments at Simon Fraser University and the University of British Columbia.

Bob Acton, PhD

Dr. Acton is a psychologist with over twenty years experience in assessment and intervention, training of professionals, research, and business development serving in a variety of positions  within the health-care and private sector. He has written a number of articles for magazines, professional and public journals and conducted international, national, and local presentations on conflict management and emotional control. He has conducted evaluations of health-care agencies, consulted with medium to large-sized organisations and has been actively involved in training professionals.