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What is the Personal Resiliency Builder?

The PRB is a practical, yet sophisticated online assessment tool developed to assist individuals to gain a better understanding of their personal resilience.

It is a holistic assessment, covering behavioural, emotional, social and physical wellbeing factors all critical to the development of resilience.

At the conclusion of the 34 question assessment, the PRB provides you with a comprehensive and individualised report to develop a practical plan to build and enhance resilience.

Research has shown that several personal factors are highly important for building and maintaining personal resiliency. The issue is, many of us have limited insight into our resilience capabilities and don’t often know what strategies will work to enhance our resilience in key areas.

The PRB provides this in a straightforward and easy to use format. The use of the PRB is totally anonymous and confidential. If your organisation has purchased this for you, you can rest assured that no results are reported back to your organisation.